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At HappyBites we have developed an innovative, yet natural process that improves the levels of nutrients in the ingredients we use. Each serving of HappyBites provides 100% of your daily Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Omega 3 and is high in Calcium, Iron and Zinc. HappyBites are 100% vegan, made from natural ingredients, are gluten-free and free of palm oil.

Our main ingredient is sesame seeds, and after lots of testing we’ve now reached our unique process. Our HappyBites base is additionally made with chia seeds, soy milk, sugar, vanilla, salt and chocolate chips!

All you need to do is eat one HappyBites every day, and you’re good to go! No nasty pills to swallow, no added chemicals, all the important nutrients - this is all you need.

We believe that eating vegan should be simple, enjoyable and healthy.

Plant-Based Life

HappyBites are great for vegans, but benefits people on any type of diet. A vegan diet specifically has many health benefits and does many great things for the planet, but important minerals and vitamins are often lacking in plant-based foods. Deficiencies in vitamins & minerals can cause terrible long-term health issues.

Most importantly we understand our HappyBiters, which is why our products are natural, free from palm oil, use sustainably sourced ingredients and have a sustainable and reusable packaging.

At HappyBites everything we do is based on our mindfulness towards the planet.

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