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HappyBites are great for vegans, but benefits people on any type of diet. A vegan diet specifically has many health benefits and does many great things for the planet, but important minerals and vitamins are often lacking in plant-based foods. Deficiencies in vitamins & minerals can cause terrible long-term health issues.

Most importantly we understand our HappyBiters, which is why our products are natural, free from palm oil, use sustainably sourced ingredients and have a sustainable and reusable packaging.

At HappyBites everything we do is based on our mindfulness towards the planet.

No Added Sugar

We are constantly improving our recipes to provide you with the healthiest, natural and most delicious versions of HappyBites. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to reduce the consumption of free sugars, we are very happy to introduce our “no-added sugar HappyBites”.

These HappyBites are naturally sweetened with dates, which contain 32-45% less sugar compared to our 'normal' HappyBites. Additionally, fiber, antioxidants and minerals have a higher content.

Dates also have a lower glycemic index compared to normal sugar, which causes blood sugar to rise at a slower and steadier pace, therefor offering a better alternative for people with type II diabetes.

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