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2019 HappyBites Update

18 days ago

As 2019 comes to a close, here's HappyBites' first company update! 

Back in April, while at the Founder Institute, our Founder Julia Devecchi first came up with the idea for HappyBites. Since then we've been on a crazy ride - with a continuously growing team! 

We properly dove into Validation of HappyBites as soon as we had our first "edible" version of HappyBites at the beginning of July when we went to vegana (a vegan fair in Zurich). That's when we started collecting bucketloads of feedback from many of our customers. Some of the most common requests we got was: 1) is there a sugar-free version, and 2) is it Bio (Swiss version of organic). 

As we continued developing our HappyBites, for our ever-growing vegan population, we always relied on meeting and talking to our customers at various events. At the first vegan expo in Basel we spoke to kids, parents and grandparents about various diets and how they relate to our health. During startup events, such as the FoodHack Summit and the Startup Weekend, we discussed our Business Model and challenges we've faced so far. 

Now that it's December, we'd like to share a short update:

- We're close to switching our packaging to a biodegradable option (something that is important to us and our customers). 

- We recently completed testing for our "no-added sugar" HappyBites and will be offering them in the New Year. 

- As a new year (and decade) begins, we're juming right into January (the vegan month) and are preparing a crowdfunding campaign. 

It's been an incredible 9 months for HappyBites and we're looking forward to what the new year brings. 

Thank you to all for any help you've offered us!

Happy wishes, 

HappyBites Team

HappyBites expos at FoodHack Summit

a month ago

HappyBites among 20 food(tech) startups to expo at FoodHack Summit and discuss the future of food. 

FoodTruckEmpire interviews HappyBites

2 months ago

FoodTruckEmpire’s Founder, Brett Lindenberg, interviewed HappyBites in painfully honest interview about the initial idea, hurdles & more. Read the full article of the interview of HappyBites' Founder. 

Gluten-free Blog covers HappyBites

3 months ago

Swiss Gluten-Free Blog, ‘mein glutenfreies chaos’, wrote about HappyBites’ products after tasting the gluten-free product at Veggie World in Zurich.

HappyBites graduates Founder Institute in Zurich 2019 cohort

3 months ago

HappyBites graduates from the idea-stage accelerator, Founder Institute. After the initial idea of edible & delicious supplements from our Founder, Julia Devecchi, the Zurich based cohort saw HappyBites grow into what it is today. Check here for the full story of how HappyBites began

Startup Valley interviews Julia Devecchi, Founder of HappyBites

3 months ago

Startup Valley shared the story of HappyBites’ Founder, Julia Devecchi, on the beginning of HappyBites and the vegan & gluten-free product. Read the full article (in German).

HappyBites graduates Y Combinator's Startup School

4 months ago

HappyBites graduates from Startup School after Founders, Julia Devecchi and Elissar Souweid, complete Y Combinator’s Program