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A collection of our most common questions we get asked and the chance to submit a new one.

What happens if I eat too many HappyBites?

One HappyBites per day is enough to provide you with your requirement of Vitamin B12 and D. However, if you eat up to 9 pieces per day you will be absolutely fine and you are not at any risk of side effects or overdose of vitamins (unless you are taking additional vitamin D supplements). However, to maintain a balanced vegan diet and prevent excess caloric intake, we recommend you enjoy just one HappyBites per day.

Can’t I just make them myself from the ingredients listed?

We wish it was that easy! Our ingredients go through a very lengthy process to make sure each HappyBites has high levels of vitamins & minerals. If you were to mix all ingredients together and eat it like that you’d be lacking some very important nutrients. You can find more details to this on our Process Page.

How do you make the B12?

You know how companies like Coca-Cola keep their recipe very secret? Well, our process is our secret. There are various ways though to add a vegan version of Vitamin B12, for example by adding seaweed or a certain bacteria that creates B12. As we’re still quite an early-stage startup we’re still testing the best way to add our B12 and make sure that we don’t compromise on flavour.

Can I change the flavour in my subscription?

Of course! We have lots of tasty options and want to make sure you can taste them all and change them any time. Just email us at with your full name and let us know which new flavour you’d like!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! We understand things change, so just send us an email at with your full name and let us know you’d like to cancel your subscription. We’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as we’ve cancelled your subscription.

Where are HappyBites produced?

We’re currently located in Switzerland which is also where we produce HappyBites!

Do they contain any sugar?

Yes, one HappyBites contains 7 g of sugar, which is lower than normal commercial cookies. It is even less than the sugar content of 1 serving of fruit (one small banana contains 12 g of sugar, and one small apple contains 15 g of sugar). HappyBites are also rich in fibers, which slow the absorption of sugars in the body and increases satiety.
Nevertheless, in the future we will be looking to further reduce the level and change the source of sugar in our HappyBites. If you’re excited to try HappyBites, but are waiting for a sugar free version, you can drop us your email here, so that we can let you know once we’ve got our sugarless HappyBites sorted out.

Where does the Omega 3 come from?

The Omega 3 is from our main ingredient of Chia seeds! They are such an incredible source of Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid, ALA).

Why is there no recommended value of Omega 3?

The European Food Safety Authority, hasn’t set the average requirement because of the lack of sufficient data. However the same society stated that an intake of 250 mg daily, same amount provided by one HappyBites, may reduce the risk of heart diseases.

What about the packaging? Does it contain plastic?

We’re still testing out the best packaging that we can use that is best for our planet! At the moment we have recycled paper as part of the packaging, with a slim layer of plastic, so that our HappyBites are wrapped up properly. Within the next month we’re hoping to change to a biodegradable packaging.

Is the packaging biodegradable?

It will be soon! Let us know if you’re waiting to order HappyBites only once we’ve got a biodegradable packaging, by filling out the info in this link.

What process do you use for the ingredients?

We want to make sure that nothing nasty is added to our all-natural ingredients. Of course, we do want high levels of vitamins and minerals. That is why some of our ingredients go through quite a lengthy process before they even get mixed together. You can read our Process Page for more details.

Is it gluten-free?

Yes! Our HappyBites are entirely gluten-free, because the base of our HappyBites is sesame seeds.

Is it organic?

Most of our ingredients are organic and are sustainably sourced, but we haven’t found organic vegan chocolate chips as of now. We are still quite new and don’t yet have an organic label, but we’re working on it.

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