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We believe in change-makers, those who have a positive impact on our planet. Which is why we aim to empower you, in the most simplest, healthy and enjoyable way we know.

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The Story of HappyBites

Here’s the story of HappyBites, told by our Founder, Julia.

I became vegan after watching a documentary called Cowspiracy by Kip Andersen. Health issues raised in that movie related to the consumption of meat were convincing enough for me to switch diets. On top of that I read Comfortably Unaware a book by Dr. Richard Oppenlander and learnt what Dr. Michael Klaper, a physician, had to say about plant-based diets compared to meat based diets (and about milk specifically) and their effects on the environment and the sustainability of the planet. There are of course a multitude of reasons for going vegan.

After doing some more research, I was convinced of the health benefits associated with a vegan diet and knew it would be better for the sustainability of the planet.

What I wasn’t expecting at this point was all the possible deficiencies that a plant-based diet would bring. The easiest solution of course to overcome possible deficiencies is to take supplements in the form of pills. This is where my annoyance began. I personally hate taking pills and rarely reach for chemically made medication. The very few times I make myself swallow pills is when I’m trying to overcome a migraine.

At the same time, I have always had a sweet tooth and love chocolatey things. But once I became vegan I think there was probably more than 99% of the sweet things on the shelf at a grocery store that were not vegan. The few sweet vegan things that exist contain palm oil and/ or are wrapped in plastic packaging! These limited options really bothered me and I often made Chocolate Chip Cookies by substituting non-vegan ingredients with plant-based alternatives.

This is when the idea first came to mind. I believe in “let food be thy medicine” by Hippocrates. So, there must be a way of a) getting all nutrients from natural and vegan sources and b) being able to enjoy taking supplements! Now that I had the idea of something edible that is vegan, how would I get all the nutrients in there and how was I going to figure out if other people also would want something like this? I joined the Founder Institute, a program that helps people with ideas start business and that’s where it all began. You can read about how HappyBites started on our Blog.

I hope you enjoy our HappyBites!

Happy wishes,

Julia Devecchi

Founder of HappyBites

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At HappyBites we want to empower a plant-based lifestyle. Because we believe that those are the people who are saving our planet. Learn more about us and the causes we support.

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